Project First Goal

For the seventh consecutive year the Regina Pats Hockey Club will be joining forces with the RCMP to educate students on substance abuse through the program “Project First Goal”. Our goal is to raise awareness in Regina and area Elementary schools about the effects of drug use.

Players from the Regina Pats, and members of the RCMP have volunteered once again to participate in presentations at various schools in and around the Regina area. Over the past six years, our players have helped to raise awareness about substance abuse to over 5000 Regina and area students.

To increase their substance abuse knowledge, five Regina Pats players were escorted by the RCMP to Vancouver where they observed first hand the different effects that these substances have on individuals.

The Players will make approximately 10 - 15 school appearances over the next few months, speaking to students in grades 6, 7 & 8 about what they experienced. The students will be shown a video and have the opportunity to ask the Players and members of the RCMP any questions they may have.


Below are photos taken of the Regina Pats visits to
Vancouver's East Hastings


Hasting Street, a six by six block radius is home to thousands of drug addicted people.
Players take a walk during the day and stop to talk to a drug addict currently living on the
       streets od East Side Vancouver.

The Regina Pats players got the opportunity to meet and hear the stories of many
      addicts who call Vancouver's East Hastings Home. 

Players pose for a photo in the heart of           Players tour the slum infested hotels where
       East Hastings                                         the more "fortunate"addicts live


We would like to give a special ‘Thank You’ to our sponsors who have once again made this program possible:

Canadian Tire, Old Dutch Foods, The Cooperators, Brewsters Brewing Co., GJ Photo & CTV


The presentation was outstanding – one of the best that we have hosted for our Middle Level students.  The players were excellent speakers and professional in the manner with which they answered questions. The R.C.M.P. members provided some informative information – what a powerful way to work with students! Thanks again for making this happen for our school. - Barb Lawrence, Principal at Balgonie Elementary School

It was good for the students to see the ugly side of drugs and not the glamourized hollywood version that they are used to seeing in the media, TV and on movies. It was definitely a worthwhile project and was very well received at our school. - Teacher at South Shore Elementary School

For more information on Project First Goal contact the Pats office at 522-5604 or email

Project First Goal

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