Mascot Appearance Request

Our ever so popular mascot K9 is available for public appearances and promotions. Special consideration will be given to the requests that involve direct interaction with children, non-profit and charitable organizations, minor hockey teams and school events.

If you are looking for K9 to attend your event, email Gord Pritchard or send a written request on business letterhead to: 

Regina Pats Hockey Club
Community Relations
PO Box 104
Regina, Sask.
S4P 2Z5

We receive numerous requests for K9 throughout the year and with only one Mascot to go around we require sufficient time to review, accept and facilitate an appearance. We will accept requests that are received 4 weeks prior to an event.

In your written request, please include the following information:

1.       Information about the Organization and Event
2.       Date and time of the event
3.       Location of the event
4.       Exact time commitment
5.       What is expected of K9
6.       Contact person’s name, phone number and email address